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Dr. Shen Hongxun: 'The Chinese say that in order to become a master you need 4 things; good teachers; good friends; and to be in the right place at the right time.'

Dr. Shen Hongxun had good teachers, good friends, and was at the right time in the right place. And so he became a master.

He gained his Taiji BaPei knowledge through intensive study with several renowned Taiji Masters such as Tian Zhaoling, Yu JiFu, and Lu Song Gao. Prof. Yao Huanzi was his main master. His medical knowledge and qi-research, in collaboration with his wife Dr. Xia Tingyu led to the discovery of the theory of Double Vicious Circle and the development of the Taijiwuxigong system. The Buqi Healing system was developed from his knowledge of the use of qi as a treatment method and his mastery of Empty Force. His spiritual training made him Lama FoRi. The Taoist master He Jingqing and Lama FaHai were important teachers.

He created the Taiijiquan form Heaven Mountain. This form is a synthesis of the Yao Taijiquan form, a Buddhist-inspired approach of the Yang-style form developed by Prof. Yao Huanzi, the insights of his Taijiwuxigong system and the knowledge of Taiji NanPai, gained from studying with master Xia Zhixin. The knowledge of spontaneous movement force was elaborated on the different postures of the Heaven Mountain Taijiquan form to the Taiji37 Stances. Under his leadership the short Taijiquan form Taiji37 was developed as a gift for his students. This synthesis led to a renewal and revival of the Nanpai Taijiquan. The traditional Qigong systems of Five Animals, Six Sounds and YiJinJing together with his own Dragon Daoyin were integrated into the Buqi system.

The unique talent of Dr. Shen Hongxun led to a meaningful synthesis of so many lines of knowledge. Taiji 37® Nanpai Taijiquan, Taijiwuxigong®, Buqi® Daoyin-Therapy, Qi-Pushing Hands, TianShan Sanshou and the Golden Light Meditation, form the basis of his legacy.

It was only with the help of friends and devoted students that Dr. Shen was to succeed. They were numerous. Some were with him for many years, others for just a short time, but he learned from them all and they helped him to deepen his mastery. Through everything, there was always the hard life lesson to find a balance between allowing freedom and maintaining control, not only in the family but also with his students. Dr. Shen always respected their choices no matter how hard it was for him. And so he became a grandmaster.

His countless courses, lectures and classes are etched in the memory of those who were present. His books and movies are the tangible memories ensuring his knowledge will never be lost.









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08-august-1939 - 08-august-2015
in remembrance of my father and master Dr. Shen Hongxun

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