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Dr. Shen Hongxun : "I’m has luck, can have more chance has study Taijiquan with difference high level masters, the Chinese philosophy lick say the luck get from Tian天,(the heaven), Di地(earth) and Ren人(person). In fact the Tian also can mean time, just happen in a right moment; Di also can means the area, just happen in a right area; Run means the surrounding you peoples, Just have the right people(s) helps you."

source: Dr. Shen Hongxun - Family.doc


The Chinese say that in order to become a master you need 4 things; good teachers; good friends; and to be in the right place at the right time.

Looking at my life, you will see that I had the chance to practice a lot of different things. In the beginning I could not understand these things, nor could I know where they would finally lead me. Perhaps this story can inspire you in your practice and give you self-confidence.

Dr. Shen Hongxun  2007








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in remembrance of my father and master Dr. Shen Hongxun


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