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Biography introduction

1. Studying Taijiquan as a young boy (Shanghai, 1949-1965)
 1.1 Introduction
 1.2 Dr. Wu BaoYuan
 1.3 Professor Yao Huanzhi
 1.4 Tian ChaoLing
 1.5 Afterword

2. How the Cultural Revolution made me a Taijiquan teacher
 2.1 Escape from XinJiang (Xianjiang, Autumn 1966)
 2.2 Illness and recovery (Shanghai, Spring 1967)
 2.3 Teaching in FuXing park (Shanghai, 1967-1972)

3. During the Cultural Revolution (Xinjiang, 1972-..)
 3.1 Return to Xinjiang
 3.2 Flight from prosecution
 3.3 In hiding
 3.4 Cleared of all charges
 3.5 To Heaven Mountain
 3.6 Away from Heaven Mountain
 3.7 A sad homecoming
 3.8 Into the desert

4. Article: How I slowly rediscovered Buqi

3.2 Flight from prosecution

I was afraid that if I stayed in that city they could use their political power to kill me, so I thought it best to return to Shanghai. That night I walked more than 25 km to meet a friend, asked him to inform my wife and to lend me some money. I was afraid of being followed and continued walking, a further 20 km to another city, following small tracks (in fact there were hardly any pathways as it was in the Gobi desert). I arrived there around 12 o'clock when people started to go home for lunch.

'Dr. Shen, where do you want go?' a women called to me.

I did not want to meet people, so I had branched off into a small street. Still some people recognized me. Taking a closer look I recognized her to be a woman doctor working in the City hospitai. Her husband was a judge in this city. He came to my town regularly and at such occasions he came to my home for a cup of tea and lunch. But him being a judge, I was afraid to get into trouble and did not know how to answer.

'Come, come to my home' she said. 'I know you have problems in FanCoaHu. The wallposters in the streets show your picture, they are looking for you. Do not be afraid, you can hide in my home, my husband will be happy to help you.'

'No, I do not want to cause any problems for you'.

'I am not afraid. What kind of a society are we living in! Making problems for good people. If you hide in my home you will be safe because they will not touch my husband who is a judge. If you do not come to my home, your life is in danger!'

I realized I it was a good option to follow her and hide a couple of days in her home. Yet I was still afraid, what if her husband...?


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