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The autobiography of Dr. Shen Hongxun

Born on August 8th 1939 in Shanghai, China


The Chinese say that in order to become a master you need 4 things; good teachers; good friends; and to be in the right place at the right time.

Looking at my life, you will see that I had the chance to practice a lot of different things. In the beginning I could not understand these things, nor could I know where they would finally lead me. Perhaps this story can inspire you in your practice and give you self-confidence.

Dr. Shen Hongxun 2007


Biography introduction

1. Studying Taijiquan as a young boy (Shanghai, 1949-1965)
 1.1 Introduction
 1.2 Dr. Wu BaoYuan
 1.3 Professor Yao Huanzhi
 1.4 Tian ChaoLing
 1.5 Afterword

2. How the Cultural Revolution made me a Taijiquan teacher
 2.1 Escape from XinJiang (Xianjiang, Autumn 1966)
 2.2 Illness and recovery (Shanghai, Spring 1967)
 2.3 Teaching in FuXing park (Shanghai, 1967-1972)

3. During the Cultural Revolution (Xinjiang, 1972-..)
 3.1 Return to Xinjiang
 3.2 Flight from prosecution
 3.3 In hiding
 3.4 Cleared of all charges
 3.5 To Heaven Mountain
 3.6 Away from Heaven Mountain
 3.7 A sad homecoming
 3.8 Into the desert

4. Article: How I slowly rediscovered Buqi

Studying Taijiquan as a young boy (Shanghai, 1949-1965)

Shanghai, 1949-1965
How I began to study taijiquan as a young boy

1.1 Introduction

I am now 68 years old, and have practised Taijiquan for over 55 years. After the Communist revolution (1949), when I was still a boy, Taijiquan was mainly practised by men over 40 years of age for health reasons, and was studied by very few young people and hardly ever by children. In 1951, when I was eleven, I suffered from stomach-ache. Nearly all my family were doctors, my father, my mother, and some uncles and aunts, but when we were ill we usually called upon a doctor from outside the family. So I went to the clinic of Dr. Wu BaoYuan, who was a study friend of my uncle, Dr. Shen GuanChang. He gave me belladonna tincture, which quickly relieved the stomach-ache.

A month later I met Dr. Wu BaoYuan again, at my uncle's, and he advised me to do some sport, so I would become stronger and not suffer from stomach problems any more. Why didn't I do some Taijiquan? I said I would like to, but I wanted to find a good teacher. Now, at that time, teachers at school were talking about a particular professor named Yao HuanZi, who was able to use Empty Force to prevent people from attacking him, without touching them. I also often went to see Taijiquan demonstrations after mass on Sundays, by Don SiZhuo, who was a student of Professor Yao HuanZi. Students were encouraged to attack him with a spear, and when they got close to him, he would throw them backwards without touching them. Therefore I knew who it was I wanted to study with, and was only waiting for the chance.

I knew Dr. Wu was an important student of Professor Yao, so when he asked me who I wanted to practise with, I quickly replied I would really like to work with Professor Yao, and asked if he could introduce me. But it wasn't that easy! I first had to prove I was really serious about studying Taijiquan, so I would start studying under Dr. Wu, and if I worked hard at it, then Dr. Wu would introduce me to Professor Yao. We agreed that I would start the following Sunday afternoon.


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